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Muktijuddah Corner

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Muktijuddah Corner

SU Library and Information Division has launched a unique Muktijuddah Corner from August 2018 at its Green Road Campus Central Library north- west corner of ground floor. This corner consists of a good number of historic, liberation war related books, monographs, photographs, portraits, posters, videos, documents, films and maps etc. are collected and preserved on the basis of Great Liberation War of Bangladesh held in 1971. The center has been developed to strengthen the spirit of Liberation war and increase the knowledge on history of liberation war among the university student community. Video clips and CDs are available for users to see and feel the war and glorious struggle on a day to day basis throughout the nine months of 1971. The rare collections of this corner are the daily Joy Bangla, manuscript hand-writing constitution of Bangladesh. The corner is enriching day by day. It is noted that this corner will provide to the students and the faculty members of SU to know the dedication of the heroic freedom fighters and history of the liberation war of Bangladesh and its independence. The present collection of books in the Muktijuddah Corner is more than 1100 copies.



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