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Library Rules and Policies

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Library and Information Division (LID)


Library Rules and Policies

All faculty members, officers, researchers, students and staffs of SU can be a member of this library. SU library is committed to provide an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities in support of research and institutional programs. The members of the library should obey the following rules while using the library:

  1. Users of the library have to collect his/her Library Card and should show Library ID Card at the entrance and Faculty/Staff Member should identify themself to the library personnel as and when requested to do so. 
  2. User should write name, Program/Semester name and ID Number in the Confined Registered Book along with Time In and at time of departure again write Time Out.
  3. At the time of application for issue Library Card, student should show admission money receipt, and submit two copies of color-photographs (one passport size and one stamp size).  Librarian can cancel any membership card due to specific reason.
  4. At the time of entering to the library a reader shall handover his/her personal belongings such as books, umbrellas, parcels, bags, coats, jackets, brief cases, and loose garments etc. to the Library Attendant to be kept in the pigeonhole near the information desk against numbered token. The item deposited can be taken by submitting the same token.
  5. The users are advised not to leave expensive items at the counter otherwise, the authority does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the belongings.
  6. Personal possessions should not be allowed in the library, except exercise book (khata), pen, geometry box and calculator.
  7. A user specially student always hang Library ID card when he/she remains inside the library. No one is allowed to use the library facilities without his/her own valid library card.
  8. At the beginning a student can issue two books at a time and continue up to two months and depends on proper maintaining library rules can increase a book after every two months interval, later a student can issue at most 04 (four) books at a time but fails to return books in time this rule does not valid.
  9. If the borrowed library material is not returned within 4 (four) weeks after due date, it will be assumed that the borrowed item has been lost by the borrower. In that case s/he will be replaced the same copy, if the material is not available in the market s/he has to pay double value along with service charges Tk. 500.00 (Five Hundred).
  10. Borrowing privileges shall be withdrawn from members until overdue volumes are returned and due fines paid by them.
  11. At the time of issue book(s) from the library, one must check whether is there any cut or torn remain inside the book otherwise borrower shall be held responsible for any damage detected at the time of return and he shall be required to make good the loss.
  12. At the time of issue/return library materials student should say and write Program name and last four digit of ID Number.
  13. Written “Ref” mark materials can’t be issued. “Ref” i.e. Reference materials such as Encyclopedias, dictionaries or other reference materials shall not, as a rule, be loaned out of the library rather these may be consulted inside the library.
  14. Library ID card can’t be transferable. Members can borrow books, CDs/DVDs and other library materials can be used by sitting inside the library.
  15. No one can use/read personal book(s) or issued book(s) inside the library.
  16. Leave study spaces neat and clean and ready for use by other patrons. Take all your belongings with you, for waste materials use supplied bins only.
  17. Cell phones, pagers and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched off while using the library.
  18. A reading place may not be reserved during the reader’s absence inside the library premises.
  19. Respect the quiet study environment in the library. No conversations or other noises are allowed.
  20. Loud voice, eating, drinking, smoking inside the Library are prohibited. All library users are required to maintain a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the library and cooperate with library administration abiding by library rules. Library privileges may be denied to persons who behave otherwise.
  21. Use the group study rooms for group study. Please keep your conversations at low voice so that no one can fell disturb.
  22. Posting or placing of bills or flyers within the library is prohibited without prior approval from the Authority/Librarian.
  23. No photography, videotaping, recording, or filming is allowed inside the Library without taking permission of the Librarian.
  24. Willful misuse of library facilities may result in membership of the library being terminated.
  25. Marking or disfigure with ink or pencil on a book, periodical, CDs / DVDs, or any other library materials in any way is forbidden. Any sort of mutilation will cause of replacement.
  26. Reserved books shall not be lent out.
  27. For the publishing of the final result of any academic program the students must submit their library clearance to the controller of Examination.
  28. Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Avoid keeping the volumes open on the table face down, or inserting note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.
  29. Defects found in the books and other materials taken for use should be brought immediately to the notice of the library staff on duty.
  30. Without members no one allowed inside the library but with special permission for research purpose can be allowed to use the library for a limited period only.
  31. Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, windows etc.
  32. Check-Out time from the Library is 15 minutes prior to the Library closes.
  33. No Library material can be taken out of the library without permission.
  34. All authorized users of the library shall have access to electronic resources subscribed by the library.
  35. In case for any emergency contact with library persons.
  36. Silence is required throughout the library. Readers should not dissociate the concentration of their fellows by discussion or gossiping. There is a separate area in the library for discussion.


Gift and Donation Acceptance Policy

LID encourages gift books and other materials as well as donations of money for the purchase of library materials. Over the years, these gifts from faculty, students and private donors have significantly enhanced the library and helped to develop library collections. Before Gift/Donation following information may need to be given:

  1. To be informed of the organization’s mission.
  2. To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
  3. Donated materials should support the research needs of faculty and researchers.

Replacement, Weeding and Withdrawal Policy

The purpose of the withdrawal policy is to provide rules for the withdrawal of circulation, public catalogue and shelf list records for library materials which have been discarded, declared officially missing or declared officially lost or material that has not circulated for 10 years. List of withdrawal materials must be approved by the Library Committee.

Library Computer & Internet Use Policy

SU library makes computers and Wi-Fi facilities available to students, faculty, officers and visitors to provide access to library collections and other information resources to support learning and research. To achieve a place of safe and friendly research, the library has established the following rules regarding the use of library computers.

  1. Software may not be downloaded on Library computers.
  2. Library computers are intended for research and curriculum support.
  3. Gaming, gambling, illegal, illicit or commercial activities are not permitted.
  4. Users should understand that all computer activity can be monitored.
  5. During peak periods, a 45- minute time limit will apply. If patrons are waiting, non library-related use of computers must stop immediately upon request of Library staff.
  6. Users may not maliciously access, alter, damage, or destroy any computer system, network, program, or data.
  7. The Library has an obligation to maintain a welcoming, comfortable, safe, and harassment-free environment for Library patrons and for University employees. Usage of Library computers must support such an environment.
  8. We welcome the use of laptops in the Library’s. Users may connect personal equipment only to the wireless network, or to ports designated for such use. Users may not unplug any Libraries’ equipment or cables for any reason.



Electronic Resource Use Policy

  • The SU library collects electronic resources e.g., electronic journals, electronic books or database content to support the instructional, research and service activities of the SU students, faculty and staff.
  • These resources are subscribed through Bangladesh University Grant Commision’s Digital Library (UDL) and Research4Life are governed by license and contract agreements. Each license or contract contains strict guidelines on the use of the resource.
  • Authorized users are responsible for using these electronic resources for individual, non-commercial use only.
  • No one may systematically download, distribute to non-authorized users, or retain substantial portions of this licensed information.

Acquisition Policy

  1. SU library aims to develop and update the library collection with books, journals and periodicals. The policy will act as guide for the acquisition and selection of the library materials to be added to the collection.
  2. Faculty members will send the requisition for books through their concerned heads. After receiving the list of books the same lists will be checked properly with the library stock by the librarian or concerned library officer to avoid duplication. In case of emergency, multiple copies should be procured in consultation with the concerned library personnel.
  3.  After proper checking, the same list will be sent to the suppliers by the librarian for collecting quotations in which cost of books should be mentioned; whether original / Indian print or local print and the discount should also be mentioned clearly in the offered quotation. The terms and conditions must be applicable to the suppliers in this respect.
  4.  At least 03 (three) suppliers / vendors must participate in the process. In special cases, the decision of the Procurement Committee will be exercised. Then the librarian will only receive the quotations from the vendors/ suppliers. After the fixed period for submitting quotations has ended, the librarian will call a meeting of the Procurement Committee for opening the quotations received.
  5.  Books and other library reading materials are purchased in the library on the recommendation of the Convener of the Procurement Committee with the approval of the Purchase Committee of SU.