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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Updated on September, 2020


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Q.1 How can I become the member of the SU Library?

A.  All faculties, students and staff members of SU have to register in library's reception counter. Students should show admission money receipt, ID card and filled up a membership form and submit two copies of color-photographs (one pp size and one stamp size) to become a member of the library.


Q.2 Who are authorized to use the library facilities?


A.  All the staff members, Consultants, Project staffs and similar other staffs appointed by SU are allowed to use library facilities. People from other organizations are allowed to use the SU Library on permission for a limited time.


Q.3 How can a user recommend a book for the purchase?


A.  Users can recommend a book to be purchased by the library through their respective department heads and personal request is not accepted.


Q.4 What should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?


A.  If the borrowed book is lost then immediately you should inform the library office writing a letter to the librarian stating the cause physically or through email. If the book is available in the market, then you should replace the same otherwise you have to pay double/tripple price for the same according to library lost rule.


Q.5 How do I find a particular book or a journal in the library?


A.  Generally, Library Catalogue is used to find a book or journal manually or through computer search. In order to expedite process. You can use the Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) available on the library web page. You can search for the documents by title, author or subject.




Q.6 How can I borrow a book which is not available in SU library but available in other libraries?


A.  One can borrow a book, which is not available in SU library can be read on Inter Library Loan from other libraries located in Dhaka by filling up a requisition form. But it takes few days to maintain formalities.



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