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Work Plan

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Library and Information Division (LID)

Work Plan: 2020-2021

A.  Library & Academic Professional Development Plan

  1. Library webpage will be developed, designed & updated as an effective, easy, and understandable way access to SU library resources and services for the LID Patrons & OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).
  2. Install and Implement Library Management Open Source Software:  DSpace and MARC21 to build an easy, effective and efficient digital library.
  3. Organize a Training workshop on Searching Techniques of Electronic Resources for Academic & Library Professionals.
  4. CAS (Current Awareness Service) and SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) services for users as per demand.
  5. Provide Library Orientation to the new students.
  6. Try to collect a server or Space on hired server for depository of SU Journal, project report, thesis / dissertation etc.
  7. Extension of library space is urgently needed to open new section and provide extensive and advanced information services.
  8. Needed seating re-arrangement & modification to increase smooth study Environment.
  9. Cleaning, Painting and Design Library indoor walls for better out look.
  10. To develop study and knowledge time to time arrange exhibition and book fair services.
  11. Counselling and Maintain (Group/Single) silent study environment inside the library.


B.  Regular Work Schedule

  1. To develop digital repository and provide electronic resource services need to phone call to the previous students (who submitted thesis earlier without soft copy) to collect soft copy (CD) of the thesis.
  2. To collect thesis soft copy Library Officers randomly call at least 30 students daily.
  3. Prepare a list of available existing CD.
  4. Following DDC Schedule prepare classification number and Maintaining Cataloging rules daily data entry input given at least 15 records per officer in the Library Data Management Software KOHA.
  5. Prepare Library Card, due Slip and Book Pocket Card and pasting at the end of resources as per requirement.
  6. Scan Old Thesis (not have CD): at least one thesis (70-100 pages) per day by one officer.
  7. Provide Library Clearance services to the 10-15 students and faculty members daily.
  8. For strong security purpose monitor CCTV during office hour daily.
  9. Library resources issue and receive (circulation system) from students, faculties and stuffs as per demand regularly.
  10. At the end of every day check book shelf for proper arrangement of books, thesis and reference materials.
  11. Look after neat and cleanliness inside and outside of the library.
  12. Collect new book lists from faculties, researchers and students and prepare a department-wise book demand list for per semester / half yearly purchase.
  13. Guide students and faculties to find out their desire/subject-wise or need basis materials from e-resources and available hard copies.
  14. Best Library User Award: Prepare annually library visiting/study and maintaining discipline basis award offers to the students.
  15. Frequently prepare library materials due list, communicate and sent it to the defaulter students and teachers.
  16. Maintain inter- library loan operation, records and files.
  17. Keep communication and close liasion with inside and outside the university relevant personnel/ Institute i.e., UGC, Ministry & other relevant institutes of home and abroad.
  18. Maintain user Entry Register.
  19. Provide Reference service and current awareness service to relevant users.
  20. Guide students to browse internet using Wi-Fi.
  21. Seating re-arrangement will be modified to increase study space