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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Library Brochure

1. Introduction

The Library and Information Division (LID) of the Sonargaon University (SU) has started its activities immediately after the establishment of the university in 2012. Library is the backbone of the research and development activities of the University. The use of library resources is vital for pursuing higher study and research. It is an integral part of the university and designed to meet the information, research, and curriculum needed for students, faculties, researchers and staff members. It has a comprehensive collection to meet the demand of its users. This is now partially one of the automated university libraries in the country using Library Management System KOHA and DSpace. The library used DDC System to organize and arrange books, reports, theses, journals and other resources.

Sonargaon University Library and Information Division (LID) is situated at the heart of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. The University Libraries are located in 2 (two) campuses, namely the Green Road Campus located at 147/I Green Road, Dhaka-1215 and Mohakhali Campus located at GPJA-146, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212 respectively. The Green Road campus library consists of 6,000 sft area and is situated in the ground floor of fifth storied building superbly designed and the Mohakhali Campus consists over 2,500 sft. area at the fifth floor. Both the libraries accommodate over 250 students at a time.

2. Library Manpower

At present 05(five) officers and 03(three) staff are working in both campus libraries of SU and 02(two) security personnel perform duty at the entrance.

3. Library Hours

SU Central Library is open on all working days except during declared public holidays and other days announced by the university authority.

Library opening hours for readers are as follows:

Time Opening Day

08:00 am – 09 :00 pm 


Library remain open everyday of the week except govt. and authority announced holidays.


4. General Library Rules  

All faculty members, officers, researchers, students and staffs of SU can be a member of this library. The members of the library should obey the following rules while using the library:

i.Members should show his/her Library ID Card at the entrance. Members should identify themselves to the library personnel as and when requested to do so.

i. Library ID card can’t be transferable. Members can borrow books, CDs/DVDs and other library materials can be used sitting inside the library.
ii. Cell phones, pagers and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched off while using the library.
iii. A reading place may not be reserved during the reader’s absence inside the library premises.
iv. Personal possessions should not be allowed in the reference, journal and book stack area.
v. Taking foods and drinks are also not allowed inside the library.
vi. Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, windows etc.
vii. Smoking in the library premises is strictly prohibited.
viii. No broadsheets, handbills, newspapers, advertise-ments, or other materials (other than approved, official notices of the library or university) be distributed or displayed within the library.
ix. Members should not be allowed to move books, theses, journals and other materials from their specific area to another area.
x. Members should not replace the books or other materials on shelves; the library staff will do the replacement.
xi. For any emergency contact with Information Desk Staffs.
xii. Defects xiii. Silence is required throughout the library. Readers should not dissociate the concentration of their fellows by discussion or gossiping. There is a separate area in the library for discussion.
xiii. Serious offences will be pursued immediately under the university’s codes of discipline and will result in suspension from library facilities during enquiry period.
xiv. Willful misuse of library facilities may result in membership of the library being terminated.
xv. Users who disturb normal library environment and behave in an offensive manner, will be required to modify their behavior or to leave the library.
xvi. Library safekeeping/pigeon hole at the counter is for keeping your personal possessions (of course do not keep money or other valuables); otherwise, the university authority does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to the belongings.
xvii. Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Avoid keeping the volumes open on the table face down, or inserting note books or pencils in between found in the books and other materials taken for use should be brought immediately to the notice of the library staff on duty.
xviii. Marking or disfigure with ink or pencil on a book, periodical, CDs / DVDs, or any other library materials in any way is forbidden. Any sort of mutilation will cause of replacement.
xix. Books, periodicals or other reading materials should not be removed from the library premises.
xx. Without members no one allowed inside the library but with special permission for research purpose can be allowed to use the library for a limited period only.


 5. Collection and Resources

i. The library book collection consists of over 12,908 volumes of books covering the major subject areas are Law, Architecture, Accounting, Business, Computer, Engineering & allied disciplines, and educational needs of its clients. The library books and monographs are housed in the ground floor of Green Road Campus and 5th floor of Mohakhali Campus are arranged according to the DDC Classification Number, so that documents on the same or related subjects remain together.
ii. The Journal Collection consists of 123 volumes of Bound Journals and international journals arranged alphabetically on the shelves. The Library has been receiving a large number of titles of periodicals and other publication every year. These are in the form of Bulletin, Journal, Research Paper, Review, Magazine etc. Like other resources SU Central Library has been started indexing of articles of journals and newspapers to quench the thirst of information seekers.
iii. Recently introduced each campus Library has 05 computers with browsing Wi-Fi facilities. The Digital Library also supports more than 20,000 electronic journal’s full-text using UDL, Research4Life and many other websites.
iv.  The Reference collection can only be used within the library. It consists mainly of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, world almanac, manuals, and other organizational reports etc., is housed in the ground floor south site of the library.
v. SU Publications and 1,502 Theses such as research reports, thesis / dissertations are also shelved separately in the ground floor north site of the library.
vi. Other resources include maps, atlases, CDs/DVDs, floppies, tapes and audio-visual materials are kept in the Journal and Reference Section. 



6. SU Central Library Holdings at a Glance




               12,908   Copies

Bangabandhu and Muktijuddha Corner

                   302      Vols.


                 1502+   Copies


                   270       Pcs


                   181    Copies

Reference Collections

                   210   Copies

Other Reports

                   152   Copies


7. Library ID Card Issue Procedures

All students/researchers, faculty members, officers, staffs, teaching assistants and research assistants link to SU can be entitled to become Library member.  A member needs a library card to study in the library and to borrow any books or reading materials from the SU Central Library. To obtain a library card one should fill up an application form by downloading from our library website and submit it to the library authority along with two stamp size photographs.


8. Validity of Library Membership Card

For Library membership faculty, student and staff should collect membership card using university ID Card or admission money receipt along with 2 copies of photographs. Card valid till taking final clearance from the library.


9. Reissue of Library Card

If the library card is lost or destroyed for any reason, a new card i.e. duplicate card will be issued after an application and receipt Tk.100.00 as a duplication fee. In this case the user should submit 01(one) copy of stamp size photograph.


10. Circulation

All collection of the Central Library is possible to search by library management software system which is named as Library Management System "LMS". Materials are loaned on presentation of member’s valid identification card. At the moment an online circulation system of our library is in progress. Since not all of our library's materials contain barcodes linked to this system, two different procedures for charging out materials will continue to be used. Barcodes are usually located inside the back cover page of the book.


11. Tearing Pages or Willful Damage

In the event of accidental damage caused by anybody and any kind of damage or disfigurement caused by a non member the management will determine the compensation. If anybody is caught in the act of tearing pages from books or other reading materials or proves guilty of destroying any of these that belong to the library either secretly and willfully, he will face disciplinary action which in the case of a member will involve a maximum punishment of expulsion from the university.


12. Clearance

A member must obtain clearance from the library at the time of receiving his / her course completion certificates or at the time of left the university and faculty members and officers obtain clearance from the library at the time of departure / leave his or her job, by returning all books and materials issued against him. He / she should also surrender the library card at that time.


13. Library Services

The main task of the library is to satisfy its readers by rendering need oriented services. The Library provides various types of services such as: reading, lending, reference, news clipping, Selection Dissemination of Information service (SDI), reader's guidance, referral services, audio-visual and Internet facilities to all users. Some other supports are as follows:

i. Bibliographic and Abstracting Service: Assistance in providing and preparing bibliographies, indexes and abstracts on request.
ii. Current Awareness Service: Current awareness service is provided through photocopies of content pages of current journals and are circulated to different faculties

Document Delivery Service: Faculty members, postgraduate students and researchers of the SU can make photocopy on request for the documents not available at the Central Library. These documents are photocopied on collected and delivered on the basis of actual expenditure.


ISBN and ISSN Service: ISBN and ISSN numbers are obtained for SU publications on request.


Photocopying Service: Photocopying of complete books is not allowed. Users are responsible complying with the copyright Act. Photocopying charge is Tk.1.00 per impression. This service is done by a private party setting 2(two) photocopier machines in front of the central library.


CDROM Search Service: Facilities for browsing and searching of CDs of books, journals, encyclopedia etc. using micro-computers are available in the library. Members of the faculty are eligible for issuing CDs on request.


Internet Search Service: Internet is quickly becoming the communication medium of choice for millions of people. The Internet is a massive resource of information to which anyone can connect and from which anyone can receive required data. To get this service users need to library membership card by depositing Tk.500.00 in the university bank account using bKash.


14. Best User Incentive

Every year on 05th February like other institute or library, we observe National Library Day in a befitting manner. Sonargaon University authority has kindly agreed to inaugurate the day every year in a befitting manner. In that light, we arranged prize-giving ceremony among the best library users of each Department every year during January to December.


15. Reference


i. The reference staff can assist in locating information and provide instruction in the use of the reference materials and sources such as journals, abstracts, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopedia, handbooks, reports, manuals etc.  
ii. Useful publications/list which are kept at the information/ reference desk are as follows:


  a. List of New Arrivals
  b. List of Theses and Manuals.
  c. List of Current Journals.
  d. List of Bound Journals
  e. List of CDs/DVDs
  f. Bangabandhu and Liberation War related books



Green Road Campus: 147/I, Green Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka..

Mohakhali Campus: GP Ja-146, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

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