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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Library Services

The main task of the library is to satisfy its readers by rendering need-oriented services. The Library provides various types of services such as reading, lending, reference, news clipping, Selection Dissemination of Information service (SDI), reader's guidance, referral services, audio-visual, and Internet facilities to all users.  Library professionals help our students, faculty members, staff, and visitors to find the resources they need, even if materials are physically not available in our libraries. Some other supports we provide are as follows:

1.   Reading Room Facilities with full Air Condition Environment.

2.   Loan Procedure: Issue and Return Books and Other Materials maintaining library rules.

3.  Bibliographic and Abstracting Service: Assistance in providing and preparing bibliographies, indexes, and abstracts on request.

4.  Current Awareness Service: Current awareness service is provided through photocopies of content pages of current journals and are circulated to different faculties

5.  Document Delivery Service: Faculty members, postgraduate students, and researchers of the SU can make photocopies on request for the documents not available at the Central Library. These documents are photocopied collected and delivered on the basis of actual expenditure.

6.  ISBN and ISSN Service: ISBN and ISSN numbers are obtained for SU publications on request.

7. Photocopying Service: Photocopying of complete books is not allowed. Users are responsible for complying with the Copyright Act. The photocopying charge is Tk.1.00 per impression. This service is done by a private party setting 2(two) photocopier machines in front of the central library.

8. CDROM Search Service: Facilities for browsing and searching of CDs of books, journals, encyclopedias, etc. using micro-computers available in the library. Members of the faculty are eligible for issuing CDs on request.

9.  Internet Search Service: The Internet is quickly becoming the communication medium of choice for millions of people. The Internet is a massive resource of information to which anyone can connect and from which anyone can receive required data. This service is done in the digital library. To get this service users to need to library membership card by depositing Tk.500.00 in the university bank account for 6(six) months.

10.  Group Study Area and Silent/Self Study Area.

11.  Circulation, Membership, and Library clearance.

12.  Library lost book fine ascertain and collection.

13.  Computer Facilities:

                         i.      Electronic Books and Online Journal Services

                         ii.      Wi-fi

                         iii.      Internet facility

14.  Current Awareness Service

15.  SDI and Reprography service.

16.  Database searching and printing service.

17.  Photocopy and document scanning service.

18.  Theses Corner.

19.  Collect Purchase suggestions.

20.  Bangabandhu Corner and Liberation War Area.

21.  Periodicals area.

22.  Reference Service Area (Journal, Theses, and Newspaper)

23.  Instant Reference Service.

24. Best Library User Award: Depends on annual library visiting/hour and maintaining   discipline basis the best library user award offers to the students.

25. At times provide Training and Workshop to the teachers and students on Searching   Techniques of Electronic Resources.

26.  Library is a member of UDL Consortium and Research4Life.

27.  Database Management Services (KOHA) and Resource repositories (DSpace).