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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Library and Information Division (LID)


About the Library

The Library and Information Division (LID) of the Sonargaon University (SU) started its activities immediately after its establishment of the university in 2012. The Library is the backbone of the research and development activities of the University. The use of library resources is vital for pursuing higher study and research. It is an integral part of the university and is designed to meet the information, research, and curriculum needed for students, faculties, researchers, and staff members. It has a comprehensive collection to meet the needs of its users. This is now partially an automated university library using open source Library Management Software System KOHA, which supports MARC21, web-based online circulation, browsing databases of resources, audiovisual materials, journals, etc. Searching full-text online books and journals, planning to create institutional repositories soon using DSpace software and auto email alert services, etc. To organize and arrange books, journals, theses, and other resources library uses Dewey Decimal Classification System.


Sonargaon University Library and Information Division (LID) is situated at the heart of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. The University Libraries are located on 2 (two) campuses, namely, the Green Road Campus located at 147/I Green Road, Dhaka-1215, and Mohakhali Campus located at GPJA 146 Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212 respectively. The Green Road campus library consists of a 2,500 sft area and is situated on the ground floor of the fifth storied building superbly designed and the Mohakhali Campus consists of over 1,500 sft. the area on the fifth floor. Both campus libraries are equipped with 10 computers with wi-fi internet connections and accommodate over 200 students at a time on average more than 400 users use both the library daily. 


More than 5,000 registered users have regular access to the library. Both the Campus Library provided various knowledge-based services such as Reference, Bibliography, Database, Reprography, Internet browsing, and e-services to its clients. The Library is the storage of knowledge. The university library offers its users a full range of information and inquiry services with the help of state-of-the-art information dissemination techniques and technologies.


Starting with a very meager collection, both the campus libraries have collections of more than 11,000 volumes of books, 1,200 theses, and 500 hard copies of journals/periodicals which cover all areas of knowledge and information studied in the university. 

Library e-Resources

The Library subscribes to some hard copies of current periodicals and through subscription access to more than 20,000 electronic full-text books, and journals available through Research4Life Consortium, UGC - Wiley Online, and other free important electronic resources. 

Information Desk

It is adjacent to the entrance of the library. Books issues, return, renewal, and holds are processed at this desk. The users can issue books and other materials using their library cards.

Reading Room Green Road Campus

The library consists of a reading room and book stack area of studied disciplines like BBA, MBA, Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Economics, Law, Social Welfare, and BA.

Reading Room Mohakhali Campus

The library consists of a reading room and book stack areas of studied disciplines like Mechanical, Textile, EEE, Naval (Marine), Fashion Design, Apparel Manufacturing and Technology, and Architecture.

Library Management

The affairs of the library, viz. library management, procurement and processing of library resources, readers’ services, circulation services, reference services, etc. are performed by a dynamic team of officers (professional and semi-professional) & staff under the leadership of a professional librarian.

Institutional Repository

The SU LID started developing its online journals and these repositories using DSpace software in 2020. These repositories cover graduate and master's degree student's full-text theses/dissertations and articles from SU journals from 2012 to date. The peer-reviewed journal articles and full-text theses of these repositories are over 1200 and are increasing gradually which have been submitted by the university students and researchers for their partial fulfillment of the degree.

Periodicals & News Paper Reading Area

In both campus libraries, users can read the bound volume of journals as well as current journals and daily newspapers in this area.


Currently, the library provides lending, reference, readers' guidance, internet, reading, news clipping, database searching and printing, CD writing, audio-visual, current awareness, SDI, and reprography services to its users. The Wi-Fi and broadband internet connection of the library building help the library users to access online resources easily. The central library is equipped with internet, TV., microfilm reading, printing, scanning, and photocopy facilities.

Orientation and Training

The Library arranges Library Orientation Program every year for the newly admitted students of each and every department to make them acquainted with the resources, services, and techniques for access to the library resources so that they can get maximum benefits from the library. The library users have open access to all the bookshelves and they are free to use each and every book in the Library.

The library also offers a training program titled “How to use e-Resources effectively' for those who are interested to know how to use the Internet resources in higher education and research, and how to find easily our own electronic repositories.

Reference Reading Area

Reference collections provide comprehensive reference and research materials in several fields such as: language, Law, encyclopedias, dictionaries and current affairs etc.

Web address of SU Online Journals and Publications: www.su.edu.bd/lid

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